How often does Lake Champlain Freeze?

Lake Champlain’s shallower bays reliably freeze every year and are a haven for ice fishermen. The deepest, widest part of the Lake does not freeze completely across each year, however. This freeze, called the “Lake closing”, is monitored by the National Weather Service from reports sent in by pilots flying over the Lake. The fact that the Lake has not closed as often in the past two decades is an indicator of global warming in this region. Visit for the lake freeze data.

At our Resource Room, which looks out across the wide, deep part of the Lake, we try to see with binoculars if the Lake has frozen across. We can sometimes tell when we see ice clear across and no longer see any mist rising from the warmer exposed water. It’s hard to tell though!

Sunset reflecting on a frozen Burlington Bay on Lake Champlain.


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